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We offer a wide variety of quality paint rollers and accessories to fit your every painting need. From DIY to Professional painting projects, RollerLite™ has got you covered.

What we stand for

Quali-Tech™ Manufacturing specializes in paint rollers, mini rollers and other paint applicators. We make simple, inexpensive but specialized tools that can help deliver great finishes, each time, every time, in no time.We believe that small, thoughtful changes can make big differences - products that are faster to use, less tiring, less costly, with consistent fabrics and predictable finish performance. Whether it’s improving how we design our rollers, how we make them, or how we serve our customers, our goal is very simply expressed: Continuous improvement.


We search the world for the best materials. From the USA to Germany to Canada to Indonesia, we are focused on buying the right materials to produce the right products.


Quali-Tech holds 13 patents. These innovation have improved everything from the roller rolling better to providing a better tool for the female DIY painter. We are constantly working to improve.

Mini Roller Market Leader

We have been manufacturing mini rollers for 20 years. We understand how to make a quality mini roller. In the past 20 years we have learned what product mix is the most effective for each type of retailer.

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