RollerLite™ Over Time

In 1974, little diversity existed in the applicator industry.  This is exactly what Mr. Song Kim sought to change when he began importing products to the United States following a tour with the Korean Trade Delegation. For the next fourteen years, this would lay the foundation for domestic manufacturing. In 1986, the Rollerlite™ brand was born with manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, California. As the paint applicator industry began to expand, Quali-tech Manufacturing accommodated this growth by moving its facilities to a 120,000 sqft factory in Mexicali, Mexico in 2001.Our role in the expansion of the paint applicator market -- especially the explosion of the mini roller market in the 1990’s -- has allowed us to develop into one of the strongest paint applicator manufacturers in North America.  Our experience with major industry retailers such as The Home Depot, ACE, Sherwin Williams, Frazee and many more has helped set the high expectations of quality and craftsmanship found in every single product.