Our Products

RollerLite™ offers a complete line of roller covers, including a variety of fabrics that optimally perform with today's paints: Shed-resistant Dralon®, Microfiber, Synthetic Mohair, Polyester/Wool Blend and 100% Polyester fabrics provide a complete line to handle any painters needs. A durable Thermobond core is great for latex and resistant to solvents.  Available from 2” to 18” lengths.

Standard Rollers

We offer a variety of 9" roller covers capable of tackling any job. Available from 3" to 18" lengths with polypropylene or phenolic cores.
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Mini Rollers

Great for painting in small or hard to reach areas, touch-ups or applying paint samples. Available from 2" to 6 1/2" featuring our patented bearing system.

9" RollerLite Max™

Our exclusive line of patented rollers combines our bearing system technology with that of a standard roller making it 40% lighter.

Painting Pads

Our patented paint pads, made with flocked material, offer a straight edge for sharp, clean edging along corners, ceilings and baseboards. Available from 2" to 9" lengths.

Painting Kits

Everything you need for your next paint project in one convenient package.


We offer an assortment of brushes, paint trays, frames and other accessories to supplement your painting project.