Why RollerLite?

RollerLite™ is the only brand that produces American-quality applicators while remaining competitive in the market. Unlike any other brand today, all RollerLite™ roller covers are made in one facility which guarantees that we are able to maintain the highest quality standards. Our experience with major industry retailers such as ACE, Home Depot, Orchard Supply Hardware, Sherwin Williams, Vista Paint and many more has helped set the high expectations of quality and craftsmanship found in every single product.

RollerLite™ Bearing System

Our patented bearing system prevents our roller covers from unwanted lateral movement during use. It also guarantees that the roller won't skip, enabling the user to have better control while painting. 

Beveling Process

Beveling is the process of trimming the ends of our rollers covers.
These precise angles provide seamless coverage and eliminate paint lines.

Thermobond Process

Thermobonding is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to bond our fabrics to the core, using heat instead of toxic glue.