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Why RollerLite®?

RollerLite® is the only brand that produces American Quality applicators while remaining competitive in the market. Unlike any other brands today, all RollerLite® roller covers are made in one facility which guarantees that we are able to maintain the highest quality standards. Our experience with major industry retailers has allowed us to achieve the pinnacle in craftsmanship, shown in every single one of our products.


Our Products

RollerLite® offers a complete line of roller covers, including a variety of fabrics that optimally perform with today’s paints: Shed-resistant Dralon®,
Microfiber, Synthetic Mohair, Polyester/Wool Blend and 100% Polyester fabrics
provide a complete line to handle any painters needs. A durable Thermobond
core is great for latex and resistant to solvents. Available from 2” to 18” lengths.

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